turkey eggs hatching under the mom


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Jan 23, 2014
She got off her nest just for a few minutes I noticed that 1 had pipped will they be ok because I have read that is not normal for them to leave the nest when they are hatching
I guess my question is are they going to be ok we had a egg break so it got a little messy i tried to clean it up but it was hard to do trying to dodge all the pecking I am thankful she laid in our yard this year in the past she has nested in my neighbors yards and this the first year we had fertile eggs
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What did she do while she was gone? Usually momma knows best... I wouldn't be too concerned unless she leaves them for a while.
She did not leave for long only a few minutes I think but when she saw me by her nest she flew up there like a 747 that is the other problem I have she made her nest on top an old coop that I have when is it safe to move her and her babies
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I bet any of these 3 folks can answer that! I have no idea, but I would guess momma will take care of that when the time comes. You shouldn't have to move them. I would think.
I think I will have to because she is on top of the coop
I'm following your conversation. I have two Easterns sitting on eggs. One nested on the ground in the brooder, while the other is in a nesting box that is mounted on the wall. I'm curious how the momma will get her poults (if she's successful!!) up and down from that box. Would she likely move her nest to the ground if they hatch? I don't want poults breaking their necks falling from the box. I'm leaving this all up to the turkeys and nature without much intervention. Any suggestions or predictions are appreciated. We are all thrilled with the possible hatching! (Due approx May 28, 2015, and praying they are not all rotten --lol)
Well we had no success in hatching this year they were all fertile but for what ever reason as they pipped she felt the need to take off the outer shell careful not to break the membrane and they all died I could kick myself for not taking them after she did it to the first 2 but I have learned a lesson But On a happier note I do have 3 duck's sitting and a hen so there will be lots of babies here in about 3 weeks and I have some eggs hatching today in the incubator I wish you luck in your hatching and will follow your posts also
We have poults hatching!
I can't believe that two turkeys have successfully hatched babies! One had 3 with another one pipping, and I can only see 1 under the other mother in a wall mounted nesting box. How will the momma turkey get her babies out of the box on the wall? They will need water and food very soon. They hatched yesterday and today.
Also.....one turkey and her poults are secluded in the brooder and the other turkey and her baby is in the nesting box inside the coop. Can I move the turkey in the nesting box/coop into the brooder too? Meaning, can I put both mothers and poults in the same brooder? I appreciate any help, as I need to get this figured out by tomorrow morning. Thank you!!
Super excited here!!!!

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