Turkey Poults!

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7 Years
Mar 24, 2012
Hi everyone,

Its been a little while but don't worry, though I haven't posted much lately, I still check on here everyday!
So heres my exciting news: My science teacher is absolutely amazing and does such great projects with us! Every year he incubates about 100 turkey eggs from his own farm in a few towns over from me. I was overjoyed to participate in this project this year! We candled the eggs for the last time today and will transfer them to their hatching trays on Friday, May 18. Their set hatch date is Monday, May 21 and all but three eggs made it through the past weeks, but theres still no definate that all will become babies. Like they say "Don't count your chicks before they hatch".

So just wanted to share this exciting news!

Welcome back! Your teacher does sound amazing, sharing this experience with you guys. Lucky you!
I hope you have a wonderful hatch Conner. I am a teacher as well and just recently started incubating eggs and I hope to be able to incubate with my students in the future.

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