Turkey vs. Blackhead Disease


11 Years
Jul 18, 2008
Rockwell, NC
I have a turkey and some chickens. I just read online that my chickens can carry something called Blackhead disease and give it to my turkey. It says not to house turkeys and chickens together, however that's not an option for me since I only have one (he'd get lonely), and I know I've been told by plenty of folks in this forum that they too house turkeys and chickens together. Is there a vaccination or something I can give Gobbles?
No Vaccine that I know of, but keep them all wormed, and use Safegurd liquid as one of your wormers will help prevent it from occurring. I would also keep on hand some Fish zole ( a fish med). The active ingredient in it is a treatment for blackhead. You may never need it, but it is good to have on hand if you do as it can come on suddenly. If you see your turkey acting sluggish and depressed with bright yellow droppings then he may have it and would need treatment, otherwise keep them all on a good worming schedule and you'd probably be fine.

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