Two Speckled Sussex Roosters 1 Year Old

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    Mar 13, 2010
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    I have two one-year-old SS roos, bought from TSC (hatchery stock). They are nice boys, but I only have five hens, and so they are getting a bit used by the boys. The larger roo Buddy has taken to picking on the yonger roo too, which I cant have. I am currently resting the smaller roo Big Boy in a small coop, due to an unknown injury (limping). He is coming along nicely.

    The roosters are good to the girls, and have not become mean. However, they are not overly friendly either, so don't expect lap chickens!

    These are big, healthy boys, and have never been sick. Their legs are clean- no scaly leg mites!

    We live in Southern Maine. Thanks!

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