Uh oh, now I've gone and done it.

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    My pure Ameraucana girl has now been sitting on her eggs for a week now. [​IMG] But I apparently angered the broody Gods, because now her sister has been stuck to another nest all day. I picked her up and put her out of the nest box, and she still looked in the nest box position. She didn't even bother to put her feet down. Both these girls are only 7 months old. And she was mad as hell when I bothered her.

    I have nowhere else I can separate another broody at the moment, so if she is still on the nest tonight, and I decide to give her eggs, she's going to have to do it in general population. So now I have 11 other hens that will have to be content to sharing 2 nesting boxes. [​IMG]

    ETA: I sure hope the other 2 sisters don't decide to join the fun.
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    The rest of the girls should be fine. I think that I have at least 4 or 5 girls broody at the moment. I think about half of my laying hens are wasting time and they are fighting over 2 out 8 nesting boxes.

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