UK Winter Chicken Care

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Oct 13, 2018
Hey all,

I've had my hens since March this year, so haven't had to deal with the stress of winter weather with my girls yet! But now that the temperature is dropping, I've made some changes to the coop so far to help reduce cold temperatures, but am looking for some more advice on winter protection!

My mum insists we cover them with a polyester sheet to help with waterproofing and insulation? It's not a massive coop and we only have four hens so I don't know if it's necessary (or safe, regarding ventilation). But I'm not keen at all on using means of electricity to keep them warm.

If anyone can give me advice or suggestions on whether it's a good idea to cover them, that would be great!

Thank you :)
Hi & :welcome

Could you post a pic of your set up please? I’m in the UK too and have never felt the need to heat my coops. If your coops are dry inside, draft proof and have good ventilation at the top your birds should be fine. Chickens tend to do better in the cold rather than the heat. They have a nice coat of feathers to keep them warm.

If your mum wants to put a sheet on them is your Coop not water tight? In that instance you could tarp them over but make sure that your ventilation is not blocked or covered.

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