Umbilical chord not absorbed?


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Nov 18, 2020
The last Ayam Cemani egg hatched (with assistance) this morning. The incubator humidity had some major fluctuations & the poor thing was majorly shrink wrapped.
It had been more than 30 hours since it pipped and it was crying out uncontrollably through the half broken shell.
I got it out and it already had pasty butt. I cleaned it up and noticed something pink on the belly.
Snapped a few pictures while it was still wet prior to a blow dry. What is it? How do I fix it? Hope this little babe survives!
**Edit: still some poo on it, I didn’t want to rub/irritate it. Poop is all gone from the vent though.


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Yes. It looks like unabsorbed egg yolk to me. You probably can gently soak that off. Avoid pulling too much. That likely means it still has a hole in its abdomen, probably healing slowly.

You will need to watch this little one as that is a prime set up for omphalitis, or "squishy chick syndrome," or abdominal infection due to bacteria entering the unclosed umbilical cord area and growing inside the abdomen.

You will recognize it from an extended squishy abdomen which will advanced to swollen legs. Antibiotic treatment is essential to keep the chick from dying if infection has taken hold.

Good luck with it.
That's just alittle bit of somewhat dried yolk sac. It'll dry up, & fall off. Doesn't look like it'll be much of a problem. I had one hatch out like that a year ago.

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