unpasteurized cow's milk. or raw cows milk where can I get it?


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Jul 31, 2008
I am looking for "raw" or unpasteurized cows milk.

I have been telling my kids how good it tastes (not good for the waist or hips mind you)

how would I go about finding a market that sells this?

A few years ago Health Canada did a massive "bust" on the sale of raw milk and ever since then it is really hard to find. there was big fines slapped on the sellers.

By no means is this going to replace the milk in my fridge but I want my kids to know the taste of "real" cows milk,

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Jan 14, 2009
Marshville NC
it is illegal to sell it for human consumption, but people do sell it marked "for animal consumption only"... a guy in florida sells it and people pay him over $10 a gallon!! try a local dairy and see if you can buy some for your "cats"


11 Years
Jul 31, 2008
I just read in a canadian newspaper that it was illegal

holy cow I remember when I was a kid at my aunts drinking the raw cows milk and it was soooooo good I wont drink the milk that they have in the stores today. its nasty tasteless poop my kids dont mind it tho so to each their own

but its like remember the first time you went to the local fair and had your first candy apple, you know now that the sugar is not good for their teeth as is the hard candy and you and I know that the apple hardly ever gets eaten


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Feb 5, 2008
I was wondering about this yesterday! There are so many conflicting statements about raw milk that my head is spinning.

Proponents for Raw Milk Say:

1. People who are lactose-intolerant have no problem digesting raw milk.
2. Raw milk comes from healthier cows.
3. The taste is incomparable to store-bought milk.
4. Presumed pathogens are destroyed by beneficial bacteria.
5. It supports a long-standing tradition.
6. Raw milk can be left at room temperature for a couple of days without any harm.
7. What is termed as "spoiled milk" is whey and the rest of the milk can be made into cheese.
8. Pasteurization was not initially designed for the purpose of safeguarding our milk supply.
9. Nutrients are destroyed during the heating process.

Those Against Raw Milk State:

1. One sick cow can infect a huge quantity of milk, thereby jeopardizing the health of large numbers of people.
2. It's difficult, if not impossible, to ensure that the milk will not contain any pathogens.
3. Children who are young and the elderly can become quite ill after consuming raw milk.

After reading so much last night, I went to get a glass of organic milk and headed to bed.



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Sep 16, 2008
Raw milk is legal to buy in NH. In fact one farm at the local farmers market has such a loyal following they actually set up pick-up locations in 2 towns for the market off season. I buy it for my 76yr old FIL. IT sells for $4.50 a half gallon and there is always a line. Some where I have info on raw vs pasturized. if I was a milk drinker I would drink the raw. http://www.realmilk.com/what.html


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Feb 23, 2009
I don't know how many cows I milked from the time I was 10 until the day I turned 18 (and literally walked out of the parlor that very day and never milked again). I routinely dipped a cup into the bulk tank and drank that frothy delicious raw milk.

I would do it right now if I had access to a bulk tank!

As my dad used to say, "Dem's gud eatin'!"

All this hog wash about raw milk is just politics in the way of somebody not making their buck off the sales of a product. If people want to drink raw milk, why should some politician have control and say they can't?

I'd buy "cat milk" in a heartbeat

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