Update ~ We Got Coverage!!! With pics!! First Snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Apr 21, 2009
DJ, Alaska
Whoooo Hoooo the first snow flakes of they year!!!!! Saddly it will not stay....yet. Its always funny see how the young chickens act with the first snow.

ETA: Sorry they are not the best photos I used my phone. I will get better ones after the Crib Midget gets up.


The view out the master bathroom window this morning


Birds first ground covering snow, you know they are thinking "What the heck" They wouldnt even leave to freerange this morning. Only my two 3 year olds dared to go out in this strange stuff. You have never seen such a sight untill you have seen snow chickens~the imprints left after they "snow" bathe too funny.


Well its gonna be a cold boat trip to bou hunt this weekend lol
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I suppose it's a prerequisite for living in AK, you have to love the snow! My usual thoughts when (if) we get snow is more like NOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Not already!!
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Oh I am sooo jealous! I love snow! Unfortunately we don't get much here. Just the yucky dry cold and blowing wind!!!

It sstarting to turn into fall here. Nice crisp temps, the nights are in the forties and today was about 65 or so. Absolutely gorgeous.
You would be suprised how many people hate the snow. I do love it along with most of the other weather we get. Yes even the -60 or colder. I think the only thing I really dont like is the 80+mph winds we get where we are. -40 isnt so bad but when you add the wind it gets COLD and I still have to do chores. I always love hearing the people who do nothing but sit in their house and complain about Alaska complain about the cold. Uhm your NEVER in it and you asked to be here. So zippit!!

~The area I live in lots of people get jobs from out of state and then complain non stop about the weather, animals just about everything. Heck I even had one lady tell me that Alaska has way to many mountains she just hated it!!~
how pretty... we had snow in southeasttexas last december... it was gone before 1 o clock... the kids got to lay in it before school
I think we got some of the same snow you got. Last December. when we get snow they shutdown everything. I guess cause we get to excited. I just can't imagine -60 with 80mph winds.
You must have a sturdy house?
I like the snow with the way the weather is acting in OK. we may get some this winter. We get more freezing rain and ice storms than snow. Snow is much easier to drive on than a sheet of ice plus in a ice storm it makes the power lines fall down and we lose electricty!

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