Upset with feedstore.


15 Years
Dec 24, 2008
Ocala, Florida
I went to Tractor supply to check and see if they had chicks yet and bought two 50lb bags of chick feed that was on sale for $7.49 a bag.
What a deal or so I thought. When we got home both bags were full of mold. Had to drive all the way back to return them.
Needless to say I'm not to happy with them.
I've had my share of issues with TSC so all I will say is...
I'm just glad you realized it before it was fed to your birds.
A lot of the feed I buy comes from TSC.Never had a
problem with any of it myself. But, I have learned
the hard way to check all of my feed good before
feeding it no matter where it comes from.
Make sure you call the company the feed came from, they will most likely pull the feed. I had it happen to me from a small supplier, he just wanted me to throw out the moldy part! I said I'm paying for 50 lbs I want 50 lbs! So I called the company. I got a free bag, and then they pulled and replaced all the feed at the store! It happened to us 3 different times!
I found a very good food called kalmbach made in GA and I get it from a feed store where ppl know about animals and feed, the problem with TSC that they are so big and they will not pay enough to get knowladgeable employees. or may be they don't care any more.
Last year I boghy a garden tiller from TSC and the reason I got it there is to take advantage of no intrest for 6 months , it was total of $600 I paied $250 cash and I said I pay the rest next 3 months, well guess what? when I got the first bill they already added intrest on it, So I called and complained, she said ok we fix it, next bill was the same so I paied it off and will never buy things from them any more.
Rule of thumb for me is too not buy any more than I can feed in two weeks for the horses and I don't stock up on the chickenfeed. Two bags fit in the storage bin and stay dry just to minimize the potential for bag contents getting damp. I also ask the local feed store (not a chain) how often they get the horse grain and chicken feed delivered. That lets me know how fresh it should be and inspect when I open a bag. So far so good... I have had more pricing screw ups from Coastal that I pay attention at the check out counter and usually have to take the employee to the display to show them their own price signs to get my sale price. They really don't care if a mistake has been made. We don't have Tractor Supply here but they are also a big chain that buys in bulk and then distributes to their regional stores.. who knows how old the stock is.
Actually when I called them they asked me what the date was on the bag and then told me they were trying to sell it before it went bad. So they knew it wasn't good or wasn't going to be good for long.

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