Urgent Do Not Think A Baby Chick Will Make It


9 Years
Jun 17, 2010
Well I Just Hatched Out 23 Baby Chicks Out Of 23 Eggs Set Well The Last One Was Born Today On The 22nd Day It Was Born All Stickey And Crusted So Once It Had Taime To Recuperate I Gave It A Little Bath Mead Sure No Water On Nose But I Think Maybe A Little Drop Droped On Its Nose I Did It By Hand On The Table By Drizzling Water On Her With My Fingers She Now Seams To Be Very Tired And Not Really Wanting To Stay Awake It Is Dozing Of To Sleep Standing Up It Cherps Once In A While And Very Loudly But When It Is Not Cherping It Is Making A Little Ticking Noise When It Breathes It She Ok And Is There Anything I Can Do For Her
I had one that hatched all sticky even though he wasnt shrinkwrapped. I gave him a bath the next day cause egg shells were sticking to him. He is fine and just turned 3 weeks old. He was the last to hatch too. He also had some down missing on him but finally is getting some feathering so he is looking better. I think she is just really worn out. Give her a little time. I put electrolyte/vitamin in their waterer. Myabe that would give her a little extra boost.
That she does ok. By the way congrats that was a great hatch
Thank You I Hope She Will Me Ok My Main Worry Is The Weird Sound She Makes Like A Tapping Sound When She Is Not Cherping And That She Seem To Not Want To Open Her Eyes Up She Is Actually Cherping Right Now Really Loud But She Has Her Eyes Clothes
Personally, I think I would try and put her back with the others. Maybe the company would encourage her. If she did breath a little water, the chirping and activity should help her break it up, cough it out...whatever?? And it is probably warmer with the others. Chilling might be really bad for her now.

Just watch and make sure she doesn't get trampled.
I Have Placed Her In There With The Other 22 But She Is Half The Size Of The Others And They Are Steping On Her I Have To Stand There To Make Sure They Stay Off Of Her Do You Think She Will Be Safe When I Go To Bed
I'm sorry no one was here to give you advice after you asked... I would have personally kept her in the incubator. Too weak and too fragile, especially in her state... I'd be afraid she'd be attacked or stomped on, poor thing. When you washed her you may have gotten water into her lungs or sinuses, which may be the clicking sound you're hearing. If it's not too much it won't necessarily kill her, but aspiration pneumonia is a very real threat in the instance that she inhaled the water and will not be capable of expelling it herself, in which case a bird lover like myself would feel obligated to tell you a vet is the best option but would also recall that these are poultry, not pet birds to most people, so you'd have to at least get your hands on antibiotics online or something if her symptoms continued/progressed. That is just a long-term thing; it may never come to that. As for the weakness, that's my least concern. She sounds as though she may have been born with dehydration, though, so if she seems up to it I would offer her an electrolyte solution with bird vitamins, or at the very least just electrolytes, ASAP and dip just the tip of her beak in it to see if she will drink -- do not submerge her nostrils. Of course, she may have hatched late because she has some kind of abnormality that will eventually kill her, but sometimes they are just a little behind...

Of course, I have no way of knowing she's still alive but I thought I'd give you my opinion on the matter.
she has made it through the night she is cherping her head off she is not quite 24 hrs old yet and she is cherping her head off which i take as a good sign but she will not eat or drink
Have you tried dipping her beak into the water and food? I am not sure what you should do. I am new to hatching chicks also. Sending lots of

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