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Sep 9, 2019
New Jersey
It’s day 33 of hatching and my mallard duckling hasn’t even piped yet. When we try tapping on the egg shell, we don’t hear a chirp or anything. When we try candling it, we don’t see movement. It also has a black spot inside the shell that has been there for a few days now. We had another egg hatching which had a successful hatch with some assistance. The day that the one duckling hatched, I had came home and the incubator lid was off. The duckling that hatched was fine, but I’m not sure how long the lid was off for and unsure if that’s why the other egg isn’t hatching? The air sac looks good though. In one of the pictures shown below, it shows a indent in the air sac. It’s kind of hard to explain but I hope somebody can help me understand what’s going on & if I should continue to wait to see if the duckling hatches or toss it? Thank you in advance for all the advice & help!!


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We’re going to try that today & see what happens. We really don’t want to give up yet. Our other egg needed assistance getting out but he was able to pip through by himself. I don’t think the egg smells so hopefully we have a chance of having another duckling.
We just had the chance to check our duckling out that hadn’t hatched yet. We ended up opening the entire egg once we didn’t see any bit of movement inside. He did end up dying from suffocating from the membrane drying up. He still had a good amount of yolk to absorb, but we still have another egg in the process of turning & hopefully he has a successful hatch! Thank you so much for the advice & helping us out!

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