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Nov 22, 2007
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My Coop
Is there any way with this new set up, to see who is online? On the old site, the main forum page had everyone listed at the bottom, alphabetically, who was online. That way I could see who was online, and if there was someone I wanted to talk to. I dont see any way to do that now, other than open each sub-forum and see who's browsing each forum.
I know I've seen it somewhere but now I'm not entirely sure. So the answer is "yes"! Also, a feature I really like is you can now see which other users are viewing the thread at the same time you are. Its on the right, if you scroll down under the reviews.
Home page.....right hand it!

There is so much neat stuff here it will take us weeks to find them all.
Nothing happened when I put my cursor on a name. I thought maybe a 20 dollar bill would shoot out of my computer or something

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