May 29, 2019
Hi all,

This is a strange and random and probably stupid question. I found a really cool log in the woods by my house. It naturally as legs that act like "stands" and prop it up, making it a sort of low-level roosting bar. My chickens love lounging on things like this. I'd like to use it in their run, but I was a bit worried about mold issues after having read horror stories about aspergillosis and mycotoxins and such. It was in a section of my yard where they always scratch around, so I'm sure it doesn't contain anything they've been exposed to, but still.

Here's what I've done: I peeled off all the bark which did have that dry white and pale greenish crust on it that many logs/barks do. I then had it in the sun for the last couple weeks (taking it onto the porch during rain) to dry it out good. Today I scrubbed it with a vinegar solution and left it in the sun to dry, then I'll sand down the knobs. Do you think it's safe to use at this point? Or, is it just not worth it?

Photo below (it actually stands a good bit taller than it appears from this angle):


Thank you!


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I found a really cool log in the woods by my house.
I put an old cut piece of wood in my Pullets pen.
Within a couple of weeks I noticed holes were appearing similar to woodpecker holes. I witnessed my chickens were pecking the log and eating the wood.

The log was soft and easy for me to pull apart.
I replaced it with a less seasoned piece of wood.



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I think it’s a great idea! Can’t see a reason why this would be harmful.
Go for it! :thumbsup
Chickens that free range love to scratch around in wooded areas which contain a lot of fallen limbs. People use wood chips in their runs, just toss them in. I know you read things on here that can scare you silly but I'd have tossed that in as it was, bark and all and not thought a thing of it.

I agree with all the above! Have fun!

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