Vaccination ? Who / When / Why ?

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    Jul 20, 2011
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    Just started up with Chooks again , this last few months after a 45 year break ! In the old days there were some routine vaccines about ;but what is the form nowadays ? A flock of 25 domestic bantams for fun and of course for eggs. So vaccinate or not ? and also worming will be an issue soon too . Any help , please !

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    Jun 18, 2011
    You can buy day old that have already been vaccinated, might be the way to go gettting started, just ask the breeder. Worm every three months, at the same time as any other animals in the household.
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    You can choose to vaccinate or not. If you do, I suggest you search for what diseases that are common in your area and vaccinate accordingly. There are many kinds of vaccines out there you can administer yourself. Some vaccines are given at hatch, and some later on. You can purchase the vaccines at my favorite place Example: I did my research and found only new castle, broncitis, and fowl pox are the most common in my area. The fowl pox vaccine is only supposed to be used if the disease is present in my flock (which it is not) according to the label.

    When worming, you are not supposed to eat the eggs or meat for 14 days after the last day you administered the medicine. so, you will not want to treat laying hens while laying or slaughter meat birds during this time. I will use wazine17 if i have a worm problem.

    Usually vaccines come in 1000 doses and cost about $6 USD and up.

    You might also consider purchasing a mite/flea/lice product like poultry dust, poultry protector in case of bug infection.

    If you buy chicks, i would suggest you get any vaccine that is offered and feed medicated chick starter to help prevent cocci.

    I hope you find my suggestions helpful and welcome to BYC!
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    Article on vaccinating backyard flocks:

    Evidently there is also a vaccine for cocci now, that at least some hatcheries offer.

    Opinions on worming vary widely. I'd guess it's most common to worm once or twice a year, but certainly some worm quarterly. Piperazine only gets roundworms. It has become common practice to use cattle, sheep or goat wormers (off label) that get more. Here are a few links for you: Birds.pdf

    Good luck with your birds!
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    Quote:Thanks dawn - all good stuff ! lol

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