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    Sep 8, 2010
    Hi I'm a new to this I have 30 chickens of which 25 are 3 wk old chicks. My shed/coop is 10x16 how much venting should I do to keep them healthy I now have one small window and small vent. They will all be spending the nights locked in so there safe, do I need a bigger coop or can I make this work?
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    You need a minimum of 4 sq feet per bird in the coop, 10 sq feet of run per bird. With the number of birds you have you need a lot more venting, up higher than the bird roosts to avoid drafts on the birds. You have enough sq footage but not nearly enough venting. A picture of your coop would help. Another window on an opposite wall would be good for summer ventilation when drafts are not important. Vents up higher on the walls are best for winter when you don't want cold wind blowing directly on your birds. My coop has 2 windows which I can close in winter but still has a front wall with a 14" vent across the whole front wall at the top next to the roof. Here are some pics:
    I have hardware cloth over the window screens and the top vent.
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