Very bloody egg


6 Years
Apr 6, 2013
New Jersey
Hi there, it's been a good while since I've posted on this forum…
My hens have been doing wonderfully, up until now.. I have 10 hens, all laying an egg a day usually with the occasional day off. They free range during the day, and put themselves to bed at night and I close them in until morning. I don't believe there's been an trauma to this hen, and she's acting perfectly normal now (comes running at light speed if she thinks I have treats, pecking around in the grass with the others..) I did flip her over and she did have a little blood on her vent and some on her tail feathers but I didn't see any wounds, or anything angry looking. However, this egg certainly doesn't look normal. My hen is going on 2 years old, and has been laying for a good while now… I've never had any issues with blood on eggs other than the occasional spot or two if it where a particularly large egg.. this is was on the smaller side for my girls. She's a red sex link if breed matters.

Anyone have this happen before, I'm worried about my lovely lady. :(
Just seen her go to the bathroom, the liquid portion did have some bright red blood mixed in it as well... I don't know what to do, I don't really have any vets willing to see a hen here. :-/
If it is not from a prolapse that tucked back in after the egg was laid, think you would have seen some sign of that when you flipped her over? Wonder if it is shed intestinal lining that did not shed like it usually does, that does look like a clump of tissue. Is the egg itself normal besides being smallish, not body checked or anything?
Sorry it's taken me so long to reply, I didn't notice any sign of any prolapse, or anything out of place.... I will check her again tomorrow morning first thing. The egg looked fine other than the obvious blood... normal shape, still normal is size but a bit smaller, no funky lumps or bumps. I cracked it before tossing it to see and everything looked fine inside too. She's acting fine, I've checked on her several times throughout the day, she's jumping around, running, eating and drinking, her color is fine and there's no active bleeding- I've picked her up, and checked her all over, she looks fine other than the bit of dried blood on her vent area. It did appear to be a clump of tissue on top, which didn't help me freaking out this morning and scared me a good bit. If her egg tomorrow (if she lays) has blood on it I think I'm going to put her in a dog kennel alone in a dark place for a few days to stop her from laying, possibly deworm everyone... Should I give her some antibiotics just in case its something infectious or should I just watch and see if it gets worse or better before hand? I have bayrtil here, if that wouldn't work I could go pick something up at the feed store.
Glad to hear she seems to be acting normal, I think I would do what you are doing. As long as she is acting fine, just watch her for now and see what happens if and when she lays an egg tomorrow. I would not start her on antibiotics at this point. That egg does look scary, I can see why it scared the heck out of you.

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