Very enlarged, fluid filled crop???

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    One of my Blue Lace Red Wyandotte pullet's crop seemed very full and I realized as time went on that it was not just larger than the other's crops, but also possibly fluid filled and I'm wondering how this happened and why? She gasped for air, too.

    She seemed to be starving so I culled her yesterday, not knowing what else to do and I really like my BLRW's. I like them so much I couldn't bring myself to cull the extra two cockerels yesterday. I ended up putting them in a larger coop and larger pen instead, for now. I know I'll have to do the job, so I'm watching for any signs of aggression between the three roo's...

    What should I have done for my pullet?
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    Sorry to hear about your pullet. And you did the best you could.

    I haven't had experience in this area except for a very sick cockeral who eventually had a fluid filled crop. I had thought that his system was shutting down. But I never did know for sure. I culled him.

    An impacted crop,I believe, is hard and enlarged crop. Hold feed. People give the bird a little olive oil, massage the crop, and make sure they have plenty of water.

    A sour crop, I believe is something different altogether. Well I looked it up and it says to give some yogurt with active cultures and ACV in the water. Massage the crop and give plenty of fluids. You also hold feed on this one. And also give some vitamins and hope for the best.

    I just did a search on these and there was a lot of good information from past posts.
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    I lost a RIR rooster the same way this last spring,just couldn't figure out what to do for him

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    May 28, 2008
    I had a hen that way and gave it yogurt, massage the crop, and I also made it throw up (putting it upside down while massaging crop - some say not a good idea but I didn't have much choice - she seemed like she was dying). Two days later she was fine. She's still good today.
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    Thanks everyone, I'll be sure to start checking all my birds daily now for any signs of sour crop. I do check them all at least twice a day but I didn't suspect she had a problem as she was a very big pullet and now I'm wondering if once they've gotten sour crop, are they likely to get it again or often?

    I'm going to start adding acv to their water.

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