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May 12, 2008
Hi All,

My little banty hen has been setting for 21 days today. She has 11 eggs under her, and of all places inside a roll of metal coil my husband uses for siding houses. I have some questions. First of all, I went out to check on her today to see if there was any activity. We are going to have to move her and the chicks once they hatch because of the location of the box she is in. It's up high and at an angle, so once the chicks hatch, they'll never be able to get out without getting hurt. I peeked in, she was cozy, so I immediately left to go fill up the little bowls of food and water I leave out for her. A few minutes after that, she squawked really loud and came off the nest. She's out there eating and foraging, and has been off the nest for at least 30 minutes now. From the research I've done, the eggs should be fine, right? I've made her her own little coop away from the rest of the chickens so she and her chicks and her roo can live peacefully till the chicks get bigger.

Are there any tips on encouraging her to be inside this new coop? She and her roo are free rangers, somewhat, because they can fly over the run fence. They seem to do fine and we have a big yard and plenty of room for them. Anyway, should I be worried about the eggs? I haven't candled them at all to know how many we are dealing with. I expect hatching to start soon. Any advice is appreciated!
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Your eggs should be fine. I'm sure your little momma knows what she's doing. I dont' think broodies worry half as much as we do. . .

As far as moving her to a new coop, your best bet is to do it at night after she is all snuggled in. Can you just pick up the box she is in and move it? If not, you may have to wait until the hatch is complete so she doesn't abandon her nest. Broodies can be kinda funny about moving. If you're lucky, your chicks will hatch out relatively close together and you can get everybody moved before they start falling out of the nest.

Good luck!
I'll try that tonight after dark. I think we should be able to do that. The box is angled a bit, but I can stack some straw under it to simulate the same angle. Thanks for the tip!

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