Very Ill Hen, advise needed

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    Hi, I have two hens about 18 months old now, one is very poorly please can you advise on the situation;
    She is weak, poo covered bottom, wants to sleep, keeps falling over, cant see any mites or worms, feels boated, not laying, droopy comb, has been out of hen house last weekend but kept on wanting to sit in her favorite spots.
    She is in out house now in a basket with food and water but not keen on having anything. The other hen is fine and they live in the same house and it's not affecting her so it cant be mites etc.
    She did do this (but not as bad) when she malted about six months ago, her legs would go funny and she would hide under bushes but she recovered really well.
    Can broodyness cause this?
    She is being looked after but not sure if she will pull through. Any comments welcome!
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    It does sound to me from your brief description as though she is ill and not broody... she may have an oviduct inflamation (would need med) or may be having other reproductive problem... have you tried soaking her bottom in a shallow tub of warm water and then placing her on a nice warm moist towel (this is to help with eggbinding issues) .
    Might also be a case of an egg having burst inside her (the above will sometimes help that too)
    get a tum, crush that up and give to her in a wee bit of cooked oatmeal (this is emergency substitute for the calcium gluconate a vet would give).
  3. cluckysgang

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    Apr 27, 2008
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    Thanks for the advise, we have soaked her in warm water once a day for the past few days and having assesed her again when I got home today agree she is not broody, I dont think she will make it too much longer, she really is bad now. I would like to understand what caused it although I may never find out. What ever has brought it on it has been this week, not sure why she has always had a leg problem though!
  4. jjthink

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    If you can get her to a bird vet, an urgent visit sounds in order.
    I did have a hen get very weak 14 months ago and brought her right to the vet. Blood work showed results consistent with inflammation and/or infection, unknown origin. Meds fixed her up swiftly (antibiotic). She has been the picture of health since but I don't think she would have made it without the meds. Have no idea what ails your hen but sometimes medical intervention is the only hope.
    You might try 3 drops liquid Polyvisol childrens vitamins daily if you have this product wherever you are writing from. Administer via dropper gently along her beak line so she swallows on her own and doesn't choke.
    What is her diet normally? Has her poop been normal? When is the last time she laid an egg? Any chance she ate some moldy food? The 'bloated' you describe may be a significant hint to what's going on. The issues Diana mentioned are important to rule out.
    Keeping her warm and safe and dry and comfortable in a quiet stress free area is good but if she is really suffering I would get her seen pronto, if possible.

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