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Jun 24, 2010
I raise Silverduckwings . They are fed cracked corn and finisher grower mesh. We keep feed before them at all times with plenty of fresh water. Their poor breast bone is soooooooooo skinny. What am I doing wrong? Can chickens be wormy. If so what do I use to worm them. Thanks.
I've always thought Silver Duckwing was a color pattern that could occur on many breeds. For instance, I raise Silver Gray Dorkings and their coloring is silver duckwing. I'm mentioning this because I'm wondering more about your chickens. Are they bantams, such as Old English Game? Or are they a full-size bird? I wanted to look up the APA standard to see what the weight standard should be. That might give you an idea of whether their skinny muscling is normal for their breed. If they're healthy otherwise, then it could just be that.

As far as worms go, study their poos. Do you see worms in them? You may, but you may not if it's mild. I'm not sure where Tifton is. In the US the product most readily available is Wazine, although it only treats round worms. Some people use wormers meant for livestock--drenches (can't remember the brand name) You'll want to do a search on here for more information on that. There are plenty of threads on it.

In the UK there is a product called Flubenvet which is effective against round worm, gape worm, hair worm, gizzard worm, and caecal worm. I ordered it online from and it shipped out of Costa Rica. The thing I like about it is that there is no egg withdrawal time.
They are Old English game Bantams. Thank you so much for your quick response. They look healthy, laying like crazy, alert and active. At night they are shut up in the hen house, but during the day they are let out to free range feed, so I feel that they should be getting plenty of grit in their craw to digest their feed. Maybe I am just over reacting. I do still play to worm them just in case.Tifton is 60 miles north of the Ga, Fla line on I-75. Thanks.
Sorry it took me a while to get back to you this time. I have been busy with lots of hatching chicks! =)

Here's a link to Cackle Hatchery. On their OEG page they list weight standards. You'll need a scale (a kitchen scale oughtta do it) and if you put a bowl on the scale before you turn in on, they you can lay your chickens on their backs in the bowl and they should stay pretty calm like that.

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