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    I know it sounds a bit narrow minded, but I thought the public's general lack of knowledge about chickens was just a U.S. problem. Thus, you can imagine how shocked I was when in Zambia last year I started talking about chickens and my urbane friends there (all Zambians) had no idea how the whole process worked...they were flabbergasted to hear that I didn't have a rooster and still get eggs.

    So, as a filmmaker, I was inspired to make this video and thought to share it with you all... it's a succinct way of explaining to friends/family how the whole keeping chicken thing works, why it's awesome, and how they can get into it.

    Check it out:

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    Good, informative video! I agree with the "low stress" theory regarding lower cholesterol eggs, and, I would add, higher Omega-3 content.

    Something else I've observed is that my rooster, "Buster," who enjoys the same low-stress, free-range lifestyle as my five hens, only crows at sunrise. He's my reliable organic alarm clock. My neighbor's rooster behaves the same way, but admittedly it's a very small sample size.

    I like to keep a rooster for protection against predators, and this one is such a gentleman, too. If he finds any treats, he calls the girls over to enjoy them and stands guard while they eat. If he sees a hawk or eagle, he sounds an alarm and the hens run for cover. Buster is a very good fellow.
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