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Feb 20, 2008
Arlington, TX
I have chicks from Ideal supposed to ship today, I know they will call me to tell me they shipped, at least I think they will these are my first chickies. Anyone else have some coming? Have you gotten your call yet? I'm trying to keep myself busy while I am waiting, my house is looking REALLY clean and I now have a batch of cookies in the oven. Ring phone, ring!
Mine are to ship today too. 19 total. I am waiting for the call from my local post office. I called the post office and said I would be doing a pick up of the box, so they are supposed to call me back when they get in... I don't know if Ideal themselves calls you. However, the charge went though so I am assuming order was filled.
I thought the hatchery called ya! I could have sworn the girl who took my order told me that. Heck maybe I dreamed it, I have had chicken dreams for a week straight now. I just checked my account and my charge went through too! I am so excited. Thanks for setting me straight on the call Silkie. Now I'm going to call my post office and let them know! My chicks are coming, my chicks are coming, Yeaaa!
I meant what kind of chicks????

I had emailed Ideal yesterday, and they said mine are to ship out today and should be here tomorrow or next day.

See how excited I am, I misread the post, I thought it said where'd y'all order

I have 5 cochins one each of -

silver laced
golden laced

I paid the insurance for no boys so IF I get any extras I hope they are girlies.
The fella at the post office I talked too just laughed at me. He asked how early I wanted "the call" I said as soon as the truck pulls up and he hears a box peeping. Very nice folks and if they call me right away like he said he would, I plan to take in a dozen doughnuts to thank them.
I am so excited, the weather is beautiful and the low tonight is upper 40's. I am only a 2 1/2 hour drive from Ideal so for all I know the little peeps may already be at the airport just that much closer to home.
Mine shipped on the 17 and Came today
! I'm about 7 feet from them and can't stop looking in on them

they didn't call or email me when they shipped.
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Mine are also shipping today! I ordered 7 and one duck, this is the second time I've ordered from them and they didn't call last time, so I doubt they will call this time. Last time it took 2 days for them to get to me, I'm already ready for them to be here!

I really think the hatchery should call or email when they ship!

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