WANTED:BBS Cochin Chicks


11 Years
May 4, 2008
Houlton Maine
My Coop
My Coop
My stupid cat just ate my chicks
. It was a pretty difficult time just to get them to hatch. So now I am in a bind. I am looking for chicks from breeder/show quality Blue, Black or Splash Large Fowl Cochins, one of the chicks that was killed was a Star Cochin chick.

Also interested in LF Gold Laced Cochins and Bantam Calico/Mille Fleur Cochin chicks
I live in Metairie, about 2 blocks from the Kenner line. I have a male and 2 females...not for sale, sorry! If you would like some eggs, I can help u with that. I would be willing to GIVE u the eggs if u let me pick a pullet from u one day down the road???

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