[Wanted] Feathers


Apr 24, 2015
So this may be a long shot but I am looking to pick up some feathers here and there from folks.

I enjoy making dreamcatchers with them and using the feathers also to hang from walking sticks, and have been using wild turkey feathers for years up until a naughty rat got into the whole bag and made a nest of them. We've got a few hens, but they didn't really drop any suitable feathers and I've used what I did collect. :confused:

So I'm looking to gather feathers in all shapes/colors/sizes if possible. If anyone is willing to help with a few, I've got some crafts or seed I am willing to barter for them. Again, it may be a long shot but I'm really hoping to gather a few up and more than happy to send photos of the cool things they've made!

Thanks so much,

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