WANTED Laying Hens (EE's, Wyndottes, Brahma's) in North MS


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Apr 30, 2008
NW Mississippi
I am looking for hens that are just now laying age or that are around one year of age. I would prefer to have Easter Eggers, Wyndotte's, Brahma's, Maran's, or Buff Orpington's in any combination. I need around 8-10 hens and one rooster of the above breeds. Doesn't matter which to me.

I am having a REALLY hard time finding any hens at all around here (Memphis/N. MS area) so if you can help, it would be wonderful. I really don't want to start chicks. I would rather have hens. Thanks!
I have been there once with a friend. I thought I had always heard that you had to be careful buying at trade shows because the chickens that you find are always the culls? Maybe I'm wrong, it's just what I heard.

I know there is one man down there they call "Cowboy" that I know sells sickly animals.

We may have to go down there if I cannot find someone locally soon.

i live in Central Ms and we have people down here that you have to watch. i head about one guy sold another guy a reg. mini Chihuahua Puppy that got 40 pounds and didn't looklike one after he got big. if you was down here i might could hook you up with some one that has some nice RIR's or Buff Orpington's if he still has some. oh well good luck. you will find some.
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