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    Oh the stories I can tell about home inspections. I was married to one of the FIRST inspectors in Washington state. He started before anyone even knew what an inspector was or did!

    Inspection businesses have become a dime a dozen. They fill out a form with lots of check marks and very little information. They inspect an entire property and complete all the paper work in an hour or two. [The crawlspace alone should take an hour!] They schmooz real estate agents/companies to have clients referred to them. They do inspections that will please the AGNETS and lead to sales and more inspections. They forget that the person paying for their service is the BUYER. But hey... they need to keep those referrals coming in, right?!?! And believe me, if the agents are inconvenienced because the buyers begin to question the property, or if the inspector takes too long to do an inspection, they will NOT refer that inspector to other buyers! Translation... if the inspector is blunt and thorough the realtors don't like it and will actually tell the buyers to avoid that inspector. I have been witness to this process more than once.

    The lessons here are
    1) The inspector works for you and the report belongs to YOU and ONLY YOU. It should NOT be given to the agent, no matter how much you like that agent!
    2) The inspector does not approve or disapprove the property. The report should be an inventory of the attributes and issues of the property whether good or bad. After all, just like beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so is good & bad.
    3) Anything the inspector finds is potentially a bargaining point. (that's what agents hate)
    4) Remember the agent does NOT work for you!!! The ONLY person the agent works for is THEMSELF!!! (My father was a broker, btw) Their priority is to make a sale, period.
    5) The agent will probably give you a list of "approved" inspectors. Ignore it, these are the ones that have given them the best Christmas, Birthday, and Groundhog Day gifts! Seriously! And the ones that smooth over the ugly truth better than their competitors. (Real Example: my office mgr was buying a house and made an appt. with the inspector with the highest recommendation of their trusted agent. He was the WORST inspector in the state with several lawsuits brought against him for the equiv. of malpractice.) Find your own inspector by talking to other people and calling around. Look for a report that is more than a check list. Look for one that includes photos and explanations unique to the property.

    Now.... not ALL inspectors are the same, and not ALL real estate agents are the same. So everything I've just ranted about doesn't cover everyone. Thank goodness!!! Find and hire the good ones, and try to take emotion out of the equation and you'll be a happier buyer. Good luck with your quest.
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    Well i hope I can get my husband on board. But rice is something he wont eat very often. His doctor wants him to go low carb. He's over weight as well. my doctor isn't working on my weight. She said most likely if we get my PCOS under control my weight will come off naturally without having to work on it.

    Here is something poultry related... My duck had a swim lesson today.
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    Mar 2, 2012
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    I got screwed over in my home purchase, because the inspection revealed many things that needed to be done. I requested them in writing. The seller showed a bid for the work. GUESS WHAT!??! THEY NEVER &@#($*% DID IT!!!!! Rat b*******!!! So ya... I have a LOT of work to do.... Did I mention they found a dog bowl, a chain, collar, and dog feces in the crawl space! WHO DOES THAT!?!?

    So my advice would be, inspection, then RE-inspection and make them walk through everything that was supposed to be done. I'm looking at about $2000 worth of repairs that I now have to do, that were supposed to be done at the time of purchase.

    FM: Your NEW digs look awesome! Can't wait for you to host that dinner you mentioned with all your home grown crops!

    P.S. You all always talk about food when I haven't eaten... OMG WHAT WAS THAT!?!?

    Oh dear lord... so sorry... the dog farted a silent nuclear bomb in the living room.. Retreat!!!

    Have a great Monday off everyone!
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    PBS also tells kids to get flu shots and tells them how safe they are. They had "Sid" get a flu shot and take one for the giffer. That is seriously wrong pharma propaganda. I used to love PBS, but the advertising and commercialization of the children's programming is out of control these days.

    GMO corn, soy, wheat- doesn't matter, it will cause slow egg prodoction, massive inflammation and all sorts of other issues.
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    Mar 2, 2012
    I'm a mom of 3. There's NO such thing as a day off. Or sleeping in. We'll have a full day of school first thing tomorrow! [​IMG]
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    They will NEVER give you that information, it goes against what they are trying to accomplish -- the sale. Sorry.
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    I would love to see pictures. Does it have acreage so can have critters? I love where I live. The lots are a minimum of five acres, the road in is very poor in places, and there only a few wealthy people in the area. I love waking up in the summer and hearing all the roosters in the area. They all have their own "songs". I would rather have a small house with acreage than ever live in town again.
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