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    Feb 13, 2013
    the paleo diet I follow is like the one promoted by Robb Wolf in The Paleo Solution. If you know one thing about Robb, its that he's not a vegetarian. The vegans hate him, actually. his version is foods that were available to our pre-agricultural ancestors. Grass grains? Not really. Modern hybridized/GMO grains are nothing like the ones available to Paleolithic humans. Grass fed meat, organ meats, organic heirloom veggies. Fermented fruits? no problem!:lol:

    Fat plus berries? I think you are thinking of pemmican which is fat plus pounded dried muscle meat. Berries optional. I use this for hiking, camping, motorcycle trips where being able to pack a lot of non-perishable nutrition into a small space is desirable. Yep, have even eaten bugs and liked them. Mealworms fried in coconut oil are yummy!
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    I think the fan is there because of where the air register is. Moves the air around and makes it more efficient.

    I know Mom and Dad put a fan in the living room and dining room to move heat through the house. The wood stove was in the living room and the bedrooms are on the opposite side of the house. They only used wood heat until well after I left the house.

    We have no heat or ac in this house. The living room fan gets used a LOT to move air around. We have one window ac unit in the bedroom to keep it cool enough to sleep if it does get hot.

    It's the invisible stuff that the inspectors can't find that worry the heck out of me now. Like all the cheap extention cord chunks that were spliced and duct taped together in the walls here that weren't found until the electricians were tearing up the walls to run the new wiring. We were paranoid and wanted some updated wiring and more plugs. Good thing we spent for that. Had to do the line from the pole to the house anyway because it was 110.

    The septic was fine until the rain started up heavy again around November the year we bought this place. Had a guy come pump it out. There was a thick mat of what looked to be printer or notebook paper in the septic that wasn't there when the inspector lifted the lid. We have to replace the septic soon just because it's very, very old. But that was insane.
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    Here's a recipe we love- and I've grown to really appreciate kale- something I had never eaten before. it's easy to grow, grows in the winter, can be pruned and pruned, and still gorws, etc, etc. it's very, very healthy- vitamin A, fiber, dark leafy stuff.

    Kale salad with Garlic-tahini Dressing. They make this at Whole Foods, and that's where I first tried it- awesome stuff- surprizingly awesome. So much that my son asks for this for breakfast! So, cut up your kale and put in a big bowl with a lid so you can "shake" the dressing on to evenly distribute it. I pour some dressing on, shake, see if it looks coated ebough, then shake some more. It's even better if you can let it sit in frig for an hour before serving.

    BTW- I altered the ingredients to suit our dietary needs- but the recipe is easy to make for those with no allergies.

    I haven't had anyone not like this recipe yet

    Garlic-Tahini dressing

    ½ cup tahini (comes in a jar- often by Peanut butter)
    8 cloves garlic, crushed, or equal amount of pre-chopped (I use the crushed garlic in a jar)
    2 Tblsp Coconut Secret vinegar (you can use apple cider vinegar)
    2 Tblsp Coconut Secret Aminos (you can use Bragg’s aminos or soy sauce)
    2 Tblsp Nutritional Yeast (adds B12- you can skip this ingredient if you want)
    ¼ cup lemon juice (fresh if possible)
    2 tblsp extra virgin olive oil (Optional- Iou can skip this ingredient)

    Water (you have to decide this- and adjust for consistency- I added about 3 tblsp, so it was thin enough to shake the kale & dressing in a covered bowl, but not 'watery". If you do NOT use nutritional yeast, you might not need any water at all)
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    Where on earth did you get the idea that a paleo diet is vegan? It's based on a hunter/gatherer diet. Humans evolved as hunter/gatherer/scavengers which is why some people think our physiologies do well with a paleo diet. Our bodies are adapted to it. Hunter/gathers ate/eat some grass seeds, but a meadow doesn't produce anywhere near the quantity as a field of grain, so the amount of grain in a hunter/gather diet was/is limited.

    In most hunter/gatherer societies studied by anthropologists, 80% of the calories were brought in by the gatherers. The hunters may have "brought home the bacon", but the gatherers brought the eggs, hash browns, toast, jam, and juice.
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    I can see it. I think it's gonna be cool! I you guys wish the best of luck! I know you'll get it cuz I'm in the mood for move-in helpers pizza!!!!!!!!!NUMNUMNUMmmy Pizza[​IMG]
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    Quote: I can see it. I think it's gonna be cool! I you guys wish the best of luck! I know you'll get it cuz I'm in the mood for move-in helpers pizza!!!!!!!!!NUMNUMNUMmmy Pizza[​IMG]

    Nice pics FM,

    What is the weird crud on the ceiling. I have a very poor ceiling job in my add on. Just smeared on joint compound. I could sand for a million years and never get a flat ceiling. So I'm looking for ideas.
    The kitchen cupboards do look like my 1957 kitchen, I ripped it out 12 years ago.

    Good luck with the house.
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    The problem is, many folk see something on the web, and suddenly, it's "gospel". As my dad used to say, "TRUST BUT VERIFY".

    Allergies and how to eliminate foods that cause them.

    There are two methods, - I prefer the additive method since it's the least stressful on the body.

    Fast for a couple of days, or drink clear broths and gels (like preparing for surgery)

    Then, add perhaps four foods you know to be allergy free - perhaps one meat, one veggie, one fruit and one cereal/grain; or a BRAT diet. Then after a few days, add one more food. If you are okay after a few days, add another, and so on. This way you can identify the foods that cause allergies.

    The other way is to eat normally and start to eliminate foods. It's less boring, but it takes much longer to identify the foods that may be bothering you, and in the meantime, you may be suffering from the ones that ARE bothering you.

    Wishing everyone who has problems, luck in finding just the right diet.
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    Quote: Oh you got to post the pics. It's kinda cool to see it, and the paintings are a must. Looks like a huge house.
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