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    thanks, My mom said the same thing sort of. She said if vinegar didn't work to dissolve baking soda and add a few drops of peppermint essential oil. then vacuum up the next day. Right now I have a heater blowing on that floor because I want it to completely dry before i wet it again. We have a sugar ant issue. anytime a room stays wet to long they end up all over.

    Last night was eventful and expensive. My Service dog had a heart attack. The emergency vet gave me two choices. Take him home or have him PTS. He said that Demon is fine to work as a service dog still. That a heart attack at his age is typical. It's old age. He's a 100 lb dog and 7 years old. It's just sad I really don't know what I'd do without him. It was expensive visit considering the vet looked at him, took a bit of blood listened to his heart and told me it's a heart attack. The blood test results should come back in a week or two. Because dog heart attacks aren't high priority to get back test results.
    Even if he gets to where he cannot work I am NOT having him PTS if he is not in pain. Today he seems okay. He's real playful, but he's begging for food drinking from the toilet...
    For those with dogs that don't know the sign of a doggy heart attack the vet said to watch for panting when it's not hot, being lazy or overly tired, a rattling sound when breathing, stretching more then usual, and a fast or loud heart beat.
    Demon had all of that last night. it's why I rushed him in, He was panting and i had the doors open to cool him off but he was still panting like crazy so I took him in. I thought he had something wrong with his lungs or a high fever. But no it was his heart. makes me want to cry. He helps me in so many ways, he is very protective of my chickens, his size makes me feel safe when home alone. Then he is trained to help me with my balance, alert to my anxiety attacks before i have them (so i can take my medication to prevent them), Wake me from nightmares, remind me t take my medications, and to body block (keep people from pushing against me).
    Service dogs must be physically done growing before training for balance assistance. And they have to be large. Large breeds take 2 to 3 years to finish growing. When demon passes on I'll have to try to find a large breed puppy and go 2 to 3 years without a service dog. :( I'm going to end up with so many broken bones from falling.
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    OK I may get in trouble here but it won't be the first time.

    I have had a couple people ask about buying some of my metal work at the Monroe show. SO here is the deal I will NOT BE set up as a vendor. I WILL NOT have all of my stuff there. However I will try to bring as many "REQUESTED" items as I can fit in the car.

    I will be bringing some NO MESS CHICKS !! but would like to have an idea approximately how many I need to make. Also have Kim for one plant/bell hanger.

    So IF ya have any requests PLEASE PM or e-mail me. looking forward to seeing ya at Monroe !!!
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    I see you have already got a few responses. I agree it all depends on your rooster and your ladies ! My cockerel is about 7 months old and he stays with his 5 girls but when I let both flocks free range together he will approach my older girls. They usually run him off. But I think that will change when he gets older

    Good luck
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    if you dry the carpet with a heater, you will probably never get the stains out, just FYI

    So sorry about your service dog! (Did you self-train him or get help from Dana Babb at Paws-Ability Center in Fife? I heard she is awesome) . What breed is he? Is he on grain-free food and does he get fish oil? If not, those things greatly help!

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    Ok so last nigt when Firewifejess posted the 5 pictures of her cute hen and chicks and I was looking at them on my phone (mobile version). The second picture down was of a naked woman[​IMG]. It drove me crazy that no on else could see this. I even got out of bed and checked if it was that way on my computer but it was not. I woke up DH to show him just so I know I was not crazy[​IMG], then I took a picture of my phone so that when I woke up this morning I knew (if it was gone by morning) that I was not dreaming or anything.
    Well it is still there on my phone.
    So I covered the parts that were showing so ya'll could see what I saw. The black is what I covered, the rest is just how it was. I tried to put it in one of those hidden "Warning Spoiler" things but it would not let me......



    I still don't get it..... Why on my phone and not any one else? [​IMG]

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    Oh my gosh that's CRAZY!
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    It's possessed!

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