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    Jan 25, 2013
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    So, I have pine shavings in the coop and run now.... I am thinking I souls add the leaves to the run. I like the clean look/smell of the shavings for the coop. Maybe start adding when we get a few dry days in a row again...
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    So only 3 unauthorized eggs under the broody. She had them all covered, so I probably could have given her a dozen instead of just 10 and she'd have been fine. She's only about 3.5 pounds and I hadn't given her eggs before, so I didn't know how many she'd be able to take. I added in a nest box since she's in the favorite and won't switch. I still don't get the birds wanting to lay their eggs in only 2 nests.

    DH was approached by another guy at work about eggs, so we may have another regular customer. The customers we've had have been getting more eggs lately as well. That's good and helps with feed costs. The grass and plants are growing better now, and I've seen more insects, so the girls are also out reducing their feed.
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    Apr 7, 2011
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    FirewifeJess ; Do you do all of those things? What about these other things you haven't mentioned? Do you weave your own cloth so that toxic chemicals aren't poured into the atmosphere; and the shoes you wear are made from humanely raised animals; and you don't use any modern gadgets made from plastics or petroleum chemicals. . . and you don't take or give your children any medicines that are not homeopathic in nature, no books, made out of paper products, and those cloths you use instead of paper products are produced in ways that create chemical waste. . .! Do you drive a car, use fuel, watch T.V. . . .The list is endless indeed.

    So you see, we ALL use products that contribute to earth pollution - all we can do is TRY to REDUCE the impact that each of us makes. Let's choose wisely.

    I just bought a hat from a lady who was spinning her own yarn at the Yardbirds auction, before she crocheted it into hats. My dog had goat feet and ears for dinner last night from the goat we butchered two weeks ago. She also gets the duck heads and feet. Himself is currently tanning rabbit skins from our last butcher. I make all my own bread products. We make our own wine. Rabbit poop is great cold fertiliser. I could go on, but the list is too long!
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    okay peeps. just to let everyone know, that when I express an opinion, it is simply that, my opinion. I'm not making any negative judgements of anyone. If I have something negative to say to a particular person, I will do it privately by PM.

    I think it is absolutely essential that public exchanges remain polite and cordial, even if we express opposing opinions. And, opposing opinions need not be negative. Some like coffee, others prefer tea - just a difference, that's all.

    So, if I disagree with any one of you, it's not a condemnation, just a difference of opinion!
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    Apr 19, 2010
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    [​IMG] Glad you worked that out! LOL Anytime you'd like us to enable you for hatching, just tell us about it [​IMG] I can't wait to see what you decide on!
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    Difference of opinion is fine. I think most fights on the internet start because we cannot read what attitude something is typed in. We cannot tell if someone was typing out of anger, or giving bad attitude. It's impossible to see that unless we put *in angry voice*

    Although I will say after years of doing daycare, and being a nanny for a few years kids that had only cloth diapers potty trained easier then the ones that had those disposable diapers. Maybe it's because parents put more effort in when they have to wash poopy diapers instead of just toss them outside in the garbage?

    I use paper towels, TP, pads.... I wont lie about it. I use boxes paper bags, and cloth bags as grocery bags. I try growing my own food as organic as i can. I got ducks because of my ant and slug problem. The ducks already reduced the amount of ants. Hoping to hatch some ducklings out to let them run around my back yard and totally end the ant problem.

    To each their own though. We all do things differently and all should be accepted. Fights do need to stay out of forums. Fine line between a debate and a fight. Once ya feel hurt it's turned into a fight and at that point maybe send a PM to the person that hurt you explaining how they made ya feel? I mean we're all adults, or at least I think we are.
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    Like what. I would love to use something different.

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