WATED! Contract on your extra Gamebird eggs!

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    May 29, 2010
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    I'm looking to buy your extra Game bird hatching eggs!! This is how I would like to do this:

    You tell me what breeds of game birds you have,
    Then you shoot me a price for all your extra eggs NEXT year! You pay shipping on the eggs! I can help furnish boxes. N.P.I.P. is a ++
    No set ship dates, no set # of eggs in the boxes, just what you have extra! Ebay sellers welcome! If they don't sell, you can ship them here!
    I will except eggs from early March through Sept. or until the weather stops your birds from laying!

    I do ask that you give me a minimum egg count on the # of eggs I will receive!
    I ask that you follow through with the offer and send all your extra eggs!

    I will pay 25% up front in late Jan. or early Feb. 50% AFTER receiving 30% of the minimum eggs you quote, and the remainder after I receive 65% of the quoted eggs..

    Thanks for your time!
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