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Apr 3, 2013
This may have been ask before, if so sorry!
I live in Texas and it is HOT! will chickens "play" in water to cool down? That may be a dumb question, I was just wondering if I put out a small tub of water would they get in and out to cool off.
They are in plenty of shade and they have loose dirt to kick up. If any one has any ideas for cooling down birds please share.
Thank you
Yes but it has be very shallow I used a broiling pan last year. I also used the grandkids old plastic sled but only put a puddle of water in the bottom. Last summer is when I did this, I also froze milk jugs of water and laid them sideways without the top on in the sled and let it melt and puddle inside the sled. I also with the top on placed frozen jugs of water around and the girls would lay against it. I took large round plastic bowls froze water in them the girls would lay on top. The bowls all had lids which they laid on top of. I froze grapes and watermelon and gave it to the girls also.
I edited to add pictures of what I did last summer the fan was attached to the wall with a bungee cord to the girls could not knock it over
Good luck

Chickens can't swim so keep the water shallow!!
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Hey all,
today, I filled the plastic sled with @3" of water to see what they'd do. All they did was drink it. They are really into their dust baths, and not so interested in water. Is there a way to introduce them to it? All the pet birds(parakeets, cockatiel, quater parot) I've ever had loved to take actual water baths. But, maybe that's because I never offered them a dust bath option :)

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