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Jul 22, 2018

I’ve never had chickens before and I started off with 3 week old chicks.
My flock is now 4 months old and some just started laying, I don’t even know which ones yet.
One of my roosters is always trying to breed with 2 of my “top of the pecking order” hens.

Today I noticed that rooster has watery poop, it’s very slightly white to the watery part, and there’s a little brown turd that came out with it. Both hens that he’s trying to mate with, have watery stools.
I know what Cecal poop looks like, and it’s not that.
One hen had milky watery poop and the other just plopped a very big, loose stool that was watery at first.

It appears to me that these are the only 3 with this issue, they all seem fine. And the rest of my flock (12 others) seem just fine.

I tried adding 2 new birds yesterday, I took them out because everyone got too stressed out.

I also started feeding them a new food, it’s grains with peas and grit in it. No pellets. I slowly introduced them to that food, like I would for dogs eating new food. They have been eating just that for a week and I noticed the weird poop yesterday.

Is this something I need to worry about or just keep an eye on?
Could it be because of mating?
Could it be the new food?
Or stress possibly.

Any advice helps, thank you!
Also both of those hens that the rooster is trying to breed, they keep going into the coop and scratching around, like making a nest then coming out and making a bunch of different noises.
I don’t believe they laid eggs yet and I’m about to put them in a new coop that has nesting boxes.
What’s up with this??
Photos of the poop?

Changes in feed, coming into lay, a cockerel (is he under a year old?) with raging hormones, introducing 2 new chickens - all or any of these are stressors which can affect the poop.

What type of "grit" is added to the feed? Is it crushed granite or oyster shells?
Sometimes a feed that has individual ingredients, birds will pick out the favorite parts and leave the rest, so they may be missing some nutrients.

It sounds like you have a couple of pullets that are coming into lay and they are just doing what they naturally do, make a nest - trying to find a comfy spot to lay eggs. Pullets coming into lay can be fun to watch and listen to.

You may also see a bit more upset by moving them to a new coop.
Give everyone time to get adjusted to the feed, their hormones, new chickens, etc.
If everyone is eating/drinking, active - then just watch them.

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