1. chickenman111

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    I have lost three chickens to what I believe is a weasel. I have tried a few traps and no luck it just keeps on coming, I've reduced the night raids by using a motion detector light, but now it's attacking in the early morning. Any advice on how to stop it, please help.
  2. Mei&Popcorn

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    I used to have problems with mongoose - we used cat traps and used eggs (or golf balls) as bait. After a few months, we caught a lot of them and they haven't came back since. Make sure your coop/run is predator proof. I don't know much about weasels, but for mongoose, you can bury wire under the coop so they can't dig through or put bricks around the coop to make it harder for them to dig through. Also, does you coop use chicken wire? Hardware cloth has smaller holes so predator hands can't reach through as easily.
  3. chickenman111

    chickenman111 Chillin' With My Peeps

    My coop does have chicken wire, thanks. [​IMG]

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