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May 3, 2015
We have 3 babe bucks and one of them the webing on its feet is coming off and starting to look like a chicken foot what is causing this to happen any idea and how to prevent it from happening anymore it doesn't seem to bother it can walk and swim fine


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I would start putting topical antibiotic (without painkiller) on the feet, top and bottom, four times a day. Yes, it wears off, but keep applying it - don't cover the feet.

If you can find a good duck vet, do so.

What are they walking on, what are they eating?


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May 3, 2009
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As Amiga has said, "Strange indeed." The foot does not appear to be raw or irritated. Try Amiga's suggestions, make sure that the bedding is dry and clean (tough with ducks), and good luck.


May 3, 2015
There bedding is pine chips it gets changed daily and is dry there water dose not even stay in with them cause they make a mess with it they are in with 2 chicken's but that shouldn't do any thing I have always have had chicken's and ducks to gether and they go out in the yard to graze there food dumor backyard poultry starter


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May 11, 2013
That white edge along the webbing has be a bit concerned. I agree with Amiga that a vet may be the best option, since if it's fungal, topical antibiotic won't help. And I would put the water back in, or at least give the ducklings many chances per day to flush their nares and drink. I know they're messy and chickens don't handle wet conditions well, but that's why you don't keep young ducklings and chickens together! :p


May 3, 2015
I don't know of any vet that deal with birds or so called farm animals around where I just moved to and i have always had baby ducks and chicken's together I never had a problem with them to gather even had a mom duck take in a baby chicken before and this is the first time I have ever Sean something like this


Mar 29, 2015
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@Amiga and @Amykins, do you think putting coconut oil on the feet and ACV in the water would help at all? Amiga reminded me about coconut oil and all the amazing things it does. ACV is a natural wonder as well. Just thinking out loud.

If danfitz doesn't have a large animal vet or small animal avian vet, maybe the coconut oil and ACV might be a good place to start?

Danfitz, first let me say, when my duck was panting, I forgot everything I'm about to say. You always do when it's your own. Rest assured I'm speaking in a "duh, why didn't this occur to me(!)" tone, not schooling you.

I sold pharmaceuticals to vets for 10 years and worked for a small animal clinic while in college. One of the vets was a bird nut. He even saw patients that were referred To him from the University vet school! There were more pet cockatiels, parakeets, macaws, cockatoos, parrots.... you name it, than I ever thought possible.

The majority of the larger birds can snap things like broom handles in two when they don't want you messing with them. Unfortunately, not only do their nails continually grow, their beaks do too. Then there's the wing clipping! Eek! The smaller birds have to deal with this too and most owners like their fingers, hence frequent trips to the vet.

Since you're new to the area, you could start with a pet store that sells those types of birds, call small animal vets and ask FIRST if they deal with those birds, or can tell you who does. Don't lead off the conversation saying you have a duck, just ask about parrots, parakeets and macaws, then you have em hooked. Heh heh. If the vet deals with THEM, our duckies who don't have that type of bill strength, will be a breeze! Lol.

Lots of times, if the person answering the phone hasn't seen a duck come in, it sounds weird to them and they say no. (I say that as someone who has answered the phone, so no one take offense. None meant at all)

I called on several vet clinics that had birds in their offices. All of the vet schools have small and large animal clinics that take referrals and see regular patients. You may find a vet willing to refer you if you're close to a school or the situation gets dire. Many community colleges offer vet tech degrees and will see anything. Plus, you can always walk in and stare at the receptionist out of desperation.

People don't realize the larger birds can live to 80(!!!!) if well cared for, so you have to have someone prepared to take them after you're gone! Lots of birds get handed to vets from that fact alone. A vet won't specialize in birds without really loving them and would probably see a harmless duck as a learning opportunity. Tech programs usually want their students to see every type of animal possible.

If you have a dog that gets groomed, see if your groomer has an idea about vets to call. If you get really desperate, kennels may know.

Frankly, if some stressed out breathing from my little duckie freaked me out, I'd be a blithering idiot if their webbing started eroding! I completely feel for you!
This has been longed winded, but I just wanted to help in about the only way I can. I figured knowing some background from "behind the scenes" may be of benefit.

Always remember, they can't take your birthday away for asking. Lol

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