Weird Birth Defect with one of my Barbezieux chicks...


Apr 30, 2015
Hi, I have about 19-- month old barbezieux chicks, and one chick looks really strange.

He looks like an Ostrich. Meaning hes missing all his feathers except his wing tips and his fuzz is starting to come off to expose his black skin. Even his tail feathers are missing.

Hes very healthy, eating, drinkning, running around and scatching; not fighting and has been like this since his feathers didnt come in like the rest of the flock at week one of age.

I've gone through the obvious things and hes the only one affected.

Any thoughts of comments?

I'll try to snap a picture tomorrow if I can.


I'd just give him a little more time. Not all chicks feather in the same, and some look pretty homely while they're going through the phase your chicks are in now :)

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