Weird poo! Help!!


14 Years
Mar 12, 2009
I know everyone is probably sick of me by now. I am still new to chickens and am not sure waht is normal or not.

I found a weird poo in the yard this afternoon. It had a clear, thick goo in it. It seemed almost like a membrane. It also had some pale yellowish stuff in it with regular poo and urine.

All my hens still seem normal. I checked all of them to see if anyone had a swollen abdomen. All of them seem fine.

I was reading about chicken shedding their intestinal lining. I did see a picture, but it was not close enough for me to really see. Can anyone tell me what it looks like when they shed this with there poo? Does anyone have pics?

In my memory, I think I have seen this in the yard before. But, I am still not sure if this something to be concerned about.

Oh, it has been really hot and all the hens have been drinking extra water. They have had a few watery poos. Not quite like this poo. Also, they have been skipping days and one hasn't layed for 4 days.

Sorry, there is no photo. The battery is dead and still needs to be recharged.

Thank You
That is the page I am referring to. I can't really make out what the consistancy of the poo. How do the intestional wall feel like? Is it thick and feel like a membrane? (I know that sounds weird and disgusting.)

I started to say this before, and if someone disagrees with me, i am fully open to correction.....i don't pay any attention to the poop unless i see blood (especially if they're little) or worms. The exception to that is if i know they're acting like they don't feel good, then i pay attention to the poop for clues.

I'm sure others have some other exceptions.

But my point is that if your chickens are eating well and pooping, and they're active and whatnot, then they're probably just fine. It's easy for us to obsess about these little things because we care, but there are so many "normal" poops......they're probably wonderful, and you're worried for nothing.

That's just me.

eta: i've never purposely handled the poop to observe texture, so i can't help you with that one.
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I don't usually handle there poo either. Just in this case. Please, no one think I am weird. Please!!!

Don't worry! We're all here to help each other! I'm definitely a lot more familiar with chicken poop than i ever thought i would be!

Just my guess here....if it looks (and feels) like a membrane, than i would guess that it is intestinal sloughing (or however you spell that).
I had some that shed intestinal lining for a couple of weeks. I believe it was e-coli on mine. It didn't look like a clear glob though, it was reddish and stringy. Either way, with a little babying, it turned out to be no big deal really (I just gave them yougurt for a couple weeks and cider vinegar in their water).

I agree with PunkinPeep. If you don't see blood or worms and they are eating and acting fine, then it's probably no big deal.
So, I shouldn't worry? I have already been giving them yogurt with nutritional yeast, ACV and garlic in the water and cayenne pepper, DE and electrolite/vitamin mix in their feed.

I am trying to do my best. I guess sometimes I get obsessive. I just want them to be healthy.


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