Well, I learned this:


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May 11, 2010
Don't put hay in the run and expect to take good photos of chickens.

A few managed to come up for air:

Then it was back to business

This was my laugh today!

Thanks for taking the time to post the pics!
Jersey's are SOOOOO busy.

The first shot of the hen who has come up for air, I'm so happy to see that. My Jersey Giant has lost all her feathers under her wattles too. And I only have the one JG so I never know what's normal or not w/ them. I'm not sure if she's starting to molt or I was afraid she'd rubbed off all her feathers on something. But given your hens looks exactly the same, maybe it's a JG thing.

She did and UGLY molt last year and I was curious if she'd do that again this year, if that was now her way of molting, or if she'd do a more controlled molt. I was wondering if the no feathers under the wattles was the start of the molt.
Big Sister lost her neck feathers, or really never had them since she lost her chick fuzz. She came from a private breeder. She is not a JG as the bottom of her feet are not yellow. Her sibling is the same feet-wise but her neck is fully feathered and has normal comb and wattles. Both lay a pretty speckled brown egg. Thanks for looking!

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