Wenatchee, WA October 11th, Anyone?

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I'm traveling to Wenatchee, WA on October 11th to pick up my dog from his handler, along with two new Cayuga ducks.
In addition, I'll be dropping off a cochin or two, along with a black orp.

I would be willing to meet someone there to trade, buy or sell more poultry! I'll have Sumatras, a white faverolle cockerel, some golden laced cochin cockerels, a blue cochin and possibly a mottled houdan cockerel--along with a few then-three-week old standard salmon favs.

So if anyone is interested in meeting/buying/selling--please PM me & we'll work out the details!

I"m in wenatchee, but I won't be in town that day! Nor am I interested in those breeds! I'm into Marans and Ameraucanas. Just thought I'd respond anyway. Hope you do find someone to swap with.
Okay, so now my trip is becoming even more worthwhile...

I'm bringing the Lemon Blue cochin, a golden laced cochin and I'm picking up two Cayugas.

I still have one young adult (a year old) Golden Laced cochin roo, a white salmon faverolle cockerel, some sumatras, some muscovies & possibly a black orp or two and some sumatras for sale. Oh and a Porcelain d'uccle cockerel & a blue cochin cockerel, all for sale.
Updated List:

1 Blue Cochin, believe it to be a cockerel, but it may be a pullet.Priced as a cockerel, butprice may change if it proves to be a pullet, hatched in mid-July.

1 Golden Laced Cochin rooster, 1 year old in July. Friendly, not at all aggressive

1 Porcelain d'Uccle cockerel, hatched in May

1 White Faverolle Cockerel, hatched in May, gorgeous, rare color
$40 obo

2 Salmon Faverolle cockerel chicks, hatched two weeks ago
$7 each

1 Light Brahma Rooster, 2 years old, friendly & gorgeous—HUGE.

1 Sumatra Cockerel, hatched in early June

Muscovy ducks, adults/juveniles, males/females
$15 each

1 Mottled Houdan cockerel was hatched in early June from Ideal Hatchery stock. Funny & lots of personality, I just do not need two of them.

All prices are negotiable to good homes. I will also accept trades on a limited basis.

Please visit my website for my current trades wanted list.


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