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Jun 22, 2015
Polkton, NC
I got six babies from a kindergarten class that hatched out some eggs for a project. I hate it when they hatch out eggs and then don't know what they are going to do with the babies after. So, I felt bad and I took them. I have attached a picture of four of them. I know for sure the one in the top right corner is a rooster, he also has feathered legs. My main question is what breed are they? The black and white one was a solid black chick. I am guessing a pullet due to lack of development in her comb. When I first saw the bottom left I thought it was a golden laced Wyandotte, but now I have no idea, and it's comb has recently started developing quickly. Is that a rooster as well? The bottom right I would call an EE because of it's tufts. But I can always can wrong.
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Buff Brahma Hen.


Barred Rock Hen.


Easter Egger Of Some Sort. Sorry, I Don't Know The Gender.


Yup, rooster.
Do you have better pictures of this one?
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If you got them from a class room chances are none of them are pure bred. I agree with @keesmom they look like mixes. #1 can't be a Barred Rock it doesn't have barring just some white leakage, #2 maybe a Cochin mix (can't be a BO because it has feathered legs), #3 can't be a Brahma because it doesn't have a pea comb, and #4 maybe an Easter Egger, which aren't really a breed but a name given to certain mixes.
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