What are you paying for Purina Layena pellets?


9 Years
Feb 24, 2010
My cost on the last trip to the feed store was just under $20 before tax. Just wandering what folks are paying in different areas.
Here Purina is about $18.99 a bag. Which is nuts! I'll only purchase Purina if I have a coupon.

I stick with Dumor 20% which is around $14. I also get lay mash from our local feed mill, used to be $9 a bag now its $11 a bag. Just went to a show this past weekend and some feed people were there selling their feed. Picked up several bags of layer pellets at $9.50 a bag.
Well, one thing is for sure, twenty bucks aint what it used to be. I did notice that nobody who replied is paying more, but considering how far this town is from anywhere, I've learned to accept the extra cost of products because of shipping. The cost of feeding my 6-hen flock is about the same as buying top shelf organic brown eggs at the store. I still think it's worth it. I like having 'em around and they make the best fertilizer. Not to mention all the pests they eat and how they keep the compost stirred. Thank you all for your replies. Now I'm forming plans to find cheaper high quality food from them.
I think it was $15.99 last time I looked. I have been getting Nutrena because I have $3 off coupons and the shelf price is only $12.95

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