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My mother in law ordered chicks from McMurray and she gave me a few. She said she ordered the rare assortment. I have 2 that I am not sure what they are.

Pic 1: I have named her Prissy, hoping I am right that she is a hen. She has copper coloring on her chest and a little white under her chin. Her back and tail feathers also have a bluish green tint to them in the sun


Pics 2 & 3 are of the same bird... right now I am calling it Boss, I am pretty sure it is a roo and the same breed as Prissy, but want confirmation. He (?) has been really slow feathering out. They are 7 weeks old today and his back and shoulder feathers just came in this week. Prissy was fully feathered at 5 weeks. His bottom is still a little bare and I think I see spur buds beginning on his legs. The thing that confuses me is the lack of comb?!?!? Please help.


#2,3 is a rooster, hard to tell what #1 is? can you get a better picture? I'm leaning toward a hen!
stupid question....What is a black sex link? Is that a mix of some kind. I have seen it said alot on here but they all seem to look different to me.

#1 looks similar to some I hatched in April that are a croos between a BA roo and hen was a RIR/Buff cross
Here is another picture of #1 (Prissy) I am pretty sure she is a hen, I just can't figure out what breed. I am brand new to chickens.

Here is another picture of #2 (Boss). As far as comb type..... ummmm... guessing here, but I would say probably rose comb. It is still very small and yellowish. His face is starting to redden around the eyes and cheeks though.
They look like BSL to me, but why would they include that in the Rare Assortment? There have been a few people posting pics of their birds that came from a Rare Assortment, but none of them are actually rare. Even if they were BA, that's not included on the list for MMH Rare & Unusual, Rarest Of The Rare, or Rare Special.
I think you're right about their sex. I doubt it's a sex link if they're from the rare assortment. They remind me of Australorps as well.
Do Australorps have the copper coloring on the chest area? I have another black hen that I am pretty sure is an Australorp, she is a little smaller than these 2, but all black. I haven't posted any pictures of her.

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