What breed is the most non aggressive with each other?


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Nov 29, 2008
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While I do like getting a fair amount of eggs and having a flock of good foragers, when it comes right down to it the most important thing to me is finding a large fowl breed that is as non aggressive with each other as possible.

Please share your opinions and experiences.


FYI: My hens free range from dawn to dusk every day so crowding/confinement is not an issue.
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my wyandottes are very easy going. I can pick them up any time anywhere. They are good scratchers and I am able to have 2 roos because my wyandotte roo is so non confrontational. He knows the other roo is in charge and they have their own ladies. The hens are more trustworthy of me than the roo, but he is way easier to handle than any other roo I've had.
The most non aggressive chicken I know of is the kentucky fried chicken
Finger lickin good!!!
Our white rocks are super docile. Our 4 year old can run right up to them and carry them around without a problem. They are also nicer to each other then some others we have had. Our Wyandottes are also docile.

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