What buries its kill?

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    A couple weeks ago, my son let our 4 chickens out of their coop and into their fenced in run at around 7 in the morning as usual. At around 10 o'clock I walked by their run on my way to the garden and saw feathers everywhere. Entering the run I found one chicken sitting by a chicken with its head missing, and no trace of the other 2, just lots of feathers. I did find where something had burrowed under the fence, but there weren't any feathers outside the run. Could not figure out what could have completely devoured/swallowed 2 whole chickens in under 3 hours, no blood, guts or pieces left over, in the morning after the sun was already up!!
    The next day I noticed the remaining chicken taking a dust bath, and, shock! there is another chicken by her!! I entered the pen, and found she had dug up/uncovered one of her sisters buried in a shallow grave, and looking around, I found the other missing chicken, uncovered from her shallow grave also! (Their pen is pretty big, lots of trees and brush for shade and cover)
    So, anyone else had this happen? We're thinking a fox...we set a trap, caught a huge raccoon, but I've never heard of them burying their kills.

    My poor girl is very afraid of my old lazy dog now, and she never gave him any notice before...
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    Fox definitely bury/cache surplus kills for later eating....other animals may also, especially canids.
    Not sure if raccoons cache their kills or not....but it's very possible.

    What you caught and what took/buried your birds may not be the same animal....
    .....the raccoon may have just been attracted to the buried carcass by scent.
    Fox are pretty hard to trap, raccoons can become trap savvy, hopefully you permanently disposed of the one you trapped.

    Was all the carnage inside the run?
    How big was hole dug under run wall?
    A pic with a dollar bill next to hole might help identify what dug under and made the kills.
    Look up anti dig 'apron' to better secure your run.

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