What did I get myself into! HAHA!!!! To much RAIN!!!! UGH!

lovin my birds

8 Years
Mar 15, 2011
Odessa, MO
So here I am building a new coop for the chickens. The spoiled little birds! LOL! Anyway started last weekend with laying standard 4x8x16 blocks then filling in with dirt and then rock on top of that. Then got 2 yards of concrete and pored that. Now I had a 7'x24' concrete pad in the middle of my chicken run. Ugh! Sorry didnt get a pic of that before we started on the walls but here is a pic to show you.


So since I work most every weekday and so do my parents we only have weekends to work on it.
Oh well! So we worked on it this weekend and started putting up walls. It was very hot! LOL! But here it is at the end of today.



Here is a few shots of where the windows will go. 7 total on front.


Its definatley dog approved! LOL!



Here is the last pic. Just to show you how big it looks. It is on the back side of our 40'x 80' garage/shop.

Thbis will be split into three seperate areas. Starting from the right. One 7'x16' area for the LF. Since I have 32 now and 15 more chicks that are growing as we speak. One7x5 section for my buff brahmas who are also currently growing. And the last section for my BB Red OEGB's is going to be 7x3. Everyone has there own special area. I will keep posted on our progress from here on out. My dad has estimated that this will be close to 1500 dollars with everything I am wanting to do. lol! Like I said spoiled!
Just thought I would share. Hope you enjoy my adventure of building my 4th coop. I think I am finally getting the hang of it really well.
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LOL! Ya! Its not the funnest thing in the world to build but....I will be happy when I see my babies in there just happy as can be. They are already tryng to investigate. But I wont let them. I dont want it to get dirty before we are done with it. lol!
I sure hope they are going to be happy if not they can sleep outside and ill sleep in there. It will have vents, and a shingled roof, and if I can talk my dad into it, maybe a fan to keep the air moving. And to keep it cooler in the summer. IDK! We will see.
SO I was hoping that I could work on my lovely chickens coop tomorrow but no. The ground is soaking wet and so with the coop being on a hill all we would do is slip and fall all over the plave. Ugh! I need another good weekend without any rain.
Thanks! I still have alot of work to do but hey they are worth it. Lol! The ground is drying up today but I got called into work tomorrow. So no work is going to be done this weekend. Thats okay I didnt get paid this week so I dont have a whole lot of money for stuff anyway.

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