What do you do to keep your family healthy

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    So little by little our life is changing. We move out of the city and onto the farm, we have always eaten farm eggs we just eat more of them now, I buy elderberry syrup and hopefully soon can make my own, we are working toward raising all our own produce this year. We won't achieve that but I wanted to set a bit goal to push us as far as we could. Everyone here has allergies. The baby is 6 months and she has already been sick a few times. Once with parainfluenza ( was like being in hell, horrible horrible coughing) We try to avoid antibiotics when we can. I have taken to drinking kefir and even have the 2 year old hooked on it. He just thinks its great. When can I offer yogurt and such to the baby?

    My goal is to find things to help all of us. I could list everything thats wrong but that would take forever. I know that food and environment are playing a huge role. I have health issues and I know some are probably caused by my mercury fillings. Just have to find a doctor who will just pull the tooth rather than wanting to drill, refill and then cap. Thats beyond the budget but I know they need to go.

    I have friends who swear that raw milk will help us. How soon can you give raw milk. I never give milk until after 1 year anyway but should it wait even longer? I am unable to breast feed so they do not have that protection. I just need simple things that I can do for the whole family that will help up toward our health goals.
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    http://www.raw-milk-facts.com/ Raw milk is so much better for you, and I wish I had access to it when my kids were about 1. It has wonderful benefits! Both my kids have a hard time with dead milk, but they do so much better on raw! you can get keifer grains and make smoothies for you and the kids. http://www.raw-milk-facts.com/kefir_T3.html I have to hide it with fruit, and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. We have our own eggs, started a garden, buy raw milk, and grass fed beef. In the long run, it think my kids will be healthier.
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    I give the kids lifeway kefir. I don't recall how early you can start with dairy,but the kids probably got some ice cream here and there by the age of 1.


    My dd drinks it,but my ds will only take it in a dosage cup....like medicine,lol. Fermented foods in general are really good for health,but the kefir and homemade yogurt is all I can get into the kids.I like kraut and miso too.

    Oh and I juice as well.Got a juiceman recipe book for 25cents yesterday at resale,so I have plenty of recipes.

    Less meat(or no meat) meals. I use meat more for taste rather than a main course.Here and there I will do ribs and steak.Meat from locals is better,but I still get mine at the store.

    Plant your fruit tree and shrubs now.I waited so long.I planted elderberry,cherry,pawpaw,raspberries. I grow plants that I can havest fast like zukes,ground cherries,strawberries,tomato,lettuce.

    Everything as fresh as possible.Consider a greenhouse to extend your season.I am still working on that one.Replace as many cleaning products with baking soda,vinegar,tea tree oil,and borax.

    Lol, I would rather pull a tooth than get a root canal.Dh had most of his teeth removed a few years ago,and he has adjusted fine.It was SUPER expensive though even with insurance.

    Healthy vibes!

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