What gender and breed - maybe Plymouth Rock?


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Dec 1, 2018
hello. First time chicken owner. I think this is a Plymouth Rock. I picked it up from a poultry auction but it went cheap cause the label had fallen off for the gender. Rooster or hen do you think? I don’t know the age.


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Mar 19, 2011
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I believe it is a Barred Rock cockeral as well.

With just one Barred Rock, coloring is not always indicative as it can be hard to tell if that is a black on white or white on black animal. If you have one BR next to another, you can see the darker coloring of the girls (single barred), and wider bars on the boys (double barred), but many of the girls look pretty barred to me and not necessarily dark just looking at one. The males often get more white streaks in their saddle area.

As to your bird, since you don't know the age, I have to look at general appearance. It obviously is not a mature bird as the tail feathers are not developed. It also appears to have the start of a saddle (stringy feathers) on the back just above the base of the tail. Dead give away for a male.

It has a red and developed comb with what appears to be a juvenile-ish bird, another indication of male.

Finally the fact that the tail is so undeveloped (unless it has been picked on or molting) while juvenile teen, is another indication that it is likely male.
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