What happens when you read too fast!


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I have a tendency to read too quickly. I was taught speed reading in high school (it was the thing at the time).
I drive my DH crazy with it, especially when viewing the description of a TV program in the channel guide. I'll flip the description up, read it and flip it down again before he's had a chance to read the title.

Anyhow, just clicked on the index and happened to read the description of two auction items at the same time:

Barred Easter Egger Cockerel, 12 Wks/ ~F...
Miss Lilly's Dog Shampoo Bar---FREE SHIP...

Out of that I read - barred dog-eared cockerel.
I had to do a double take because I really wanted to know what a dog-eared cockerel would look like.
By whom????

I saw a doozy of an auction title one day, giggled for hours. Can't repeat it either.
But it's funny, because I have done the same thing- posted something, hit submit and gone to edit as fast as I can!
I have the same problem. Drives my hubby nuts, too. I end up having to go back and re-read things a lot to un-confuse myself!

Oh and ranchhand, I love the second line in your sig! Two d's and two t's made totally different words. I often am tempted to ask people who spell it with two d's, how their chickens faces walk!
My meat chickens have a waddle
(It's the way they walk cuz they are so dang big)
My meaties waddled, too. Actually, my d'Uccles kind of waddle because of their HUGE foot feathers and vulture hocks. So cute!
I was never taught speedreading, but I do read fast. I also have an astigmatism, so I frequently mix stuff from two different lines together. Makes for some entertaining reading!
I took a class in speed reading in Jr. high school. While I love that I can do it, I also know that I have enough trouble with langue that I can't count on myself to always get it right. Uff Da!!!
My husband reads really fast, but I don't think he was ever taught any "speed reading" technique.
The thing is, I don't think he remembers half of what he reads. Which I guess is fine with me, he will re-read his library over and over again.
Not me. If I read it once I already know what will happen, so the book can't hold my concentration again. Comprehending what you read is far more important than how fast you can move your eyes over a page

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