what hatchery should i order from?

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Jan 3, 2010
That would depend on what you want.
Mcmurry is good. I would not order roos from them, but that is me out of 3 roos 1 was really mean . I culled him had too. The rest are great.
mt healthy has good ones
http://natureshatchery.homestead.com/CHICKENS.html has alot of breeds
Myers hatchery
There is a link with all of them on this site. I would have to fined it.
Best of luck to you.
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Apr 19, 2009
Well, depends on how many you want to order and what kinds. For small orders, you could choose either Ideal or MPC. But, as you note, Ideal only has males until May. You can order a small number of chicks from MPC, but shipping is really expensive.
McMurray has a 25 chick minimum. However, they are sold out of most chicks, too.

What are you looking to order?

Google "hatchery" and you'll get a long list of chick hateries to review.
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You could always go with a Breeder or a local feed store where you can see what your getting. I ordered from Mcmurray last week but i think this next time im going to go through a breeder or a place where i can see the acutall chicks. JMO


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Jun 25, 2009
I got mine from Tractor Supply.

They were very healthy except one that died. TS replaced him.

the only downside is they usually can't tell you the breed. There were in different tanks. either pullets or straight run


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Apr 10, 2009
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last year i ordered from welp, but, since they have a minimum 25 chicks requirement we got way too many and now half of them are dead due to cannibalism, so this year i would like to get 10 or less, other than My Pet Chicken are there any others that let you get that few?


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Feb 6, 2010
I know all of the feed stores are getting chicks in within the next couple of weeks. If you're set on ordering, I would highly recommend MyPetChicken! I ordered 30 chicks from them and received 32 all happy and perky. Almost 3 weeks later, I still have happy, perky chicks that are incredibly friendly to me and my kids.


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Oct 19, 2009
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Bingo. A year ago I went to Murray McMurray twice and was not pleased. Since then I've gone to breeders here on BYC. Not only do you see the parent stock, but you know you're getting the real thing. For example:

Murray McMurray sold me a "Brahma" that was actually a Sussex/Brahma cross, to most people it would probably still look like one though. Murray McMurray not only does the "we sell Ameraucanas" lie, but puts it further to "Araucanas." Also, their Houdans are crossbred chickens as well. But then again, I don't know any hatchery with good or real Houdans.

Here on BYC or even from local breeders, I've purchased many Marans and Ameraucanas (both eggs and chicks) and not only do I get to actually see what kind of eggs to expect from both, but I get to see the parents and how their living quarters are as well as how the breeding is managed. So far, the chicks I've gotten are true to the breed standards, are perfectly healthy (I've have plenty casualities from both Murray McMurray orders) and are growing much better than the hatchery birds. None have gotten curl toe paralysis, none have gotten a lack of feathers during their first month of filling out, none have had any moment in their life when their feathers curl, and none are underweight for their breed. (My hatchery brahmas are 5 pounds and are smaller than 6 month old Black Copper Marans. They're supposed to be one of the 3 biggest breeds, and weigh 9-12 pounds.

But, if you want to go only with hatcheries - I'd suggest a newer one, such as Purely Poultry or Nature's Hatchery. Nature's Hatchery actuals tells its costumers that its EEs are not Ameraucanas, and both hatcheries are new enough to not be huge companies with old stock in which we have no clue on the treatment or confinement of. In fact, Purely Poultry is run by a family you can actually hear when calling for service.


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