What is my weird hen?


7 Years
Oct 24, 2012
DeKalb County, Alabama
Here she is. What are your guesses? for this chicken X. My mini-schnauzer in the background.

Here is her back side, she is crouched down eating...RIR on the left

in the pic below you can see her ear muffs and her top bump and those feathers on her back that look pink do look pink in real life!

Her legs are slate. Only has 4 toes.
She has not laid any eggs in the 3 weeks that I have had her.
I'll be excited if we get ANY eggs from her, especially if they are blue/green EE looking eggs. She is very sweet and coo's and talks to me all the time.
What a cool looking chicken! Her face looks really red, so she should be laying now or will be laying soon. After they reach point of lay, I find it hard to figure out how old they are. I remember a long time ago hearing about a trick with the pelvic bones; how close/far apart they are can indicate age (or at least age-related laying ability).

As for whether she'll lay colored eggs: what kind of comb does she have? I can't tell in the pics. If it's a pea, then there's a good chance she'll lay blue or green eggs.
Here are two pics of her comb. Is it a pea comb? I'm such a newbie! UGH!

She has a really wide comb from the front. Sorry this was the best pic I could get with her facing me.

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